Creative Oxygen Labs Expands Presence in the Middle East with Key Partnership Following COP28

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Creative Oxygen Labs Expands Presence in the Middle East with Key Partnership Following COP28

In the wake of COP28 environmental conference held in Dubai, Creative Oxygen Labs announces a structured deal with EARN Trading Co., to distribute 5 tons of its antibacterial and antimicrobial paint additive, Oxygen in the UAE, and countries in the Persian Gulf region by the end of 2024. The move comes at a crucial juncture, following global leaders’ heightened focus on the nexus between climate change and public health.  

With EARN Trading Co’s. strong presence in the region, the partnership establishes Oxygen as a prominent brand in emerging markets that prioritize health safety through clean air innovation. Targeting critical spaces such as hospitals, clinics, health centers, senior care facilities, homes, and offices, Oxygen’s antibacterial paint additive promises a paradigm shift in ensuring cleaner and healthier environments for more citizens around the world.

As highlighted by Bill Gates during COP28, the imperative correlation between air quality and healthcare has garnered the attention of health experts and social and political leaders alike. The paint industry, in particular, is urged to prioritize cleanliness, a call that Oxygen is well-positioned to answer. This partnership not only enables Oxygen to make its mark in the Middle East but also underscores its commitment to supporting global efforts in clean air rights, for all.

This collaboration also opens new channels for interior design associations to partake in this clean air revolution by joining the prestigious and exclusive Oxygen Interior Design Club (OIDC).  EARN Trading Co. is set to expand this club’s reach in West Asia and the Middle East region in the coming year.  By aligning with Oxygen, these associations gain a unique opportunity to undergo rigorous certification and to proudly display the Oxygen SEAL, symbolizing their commitment to green, sustainable living. This accreditation not only elevates their credibility but also empowers them to offer design services with health benefits at a premium offering.

The collaboration with partners in the Middle East marks a significant stride towards making Oxygen a household name synonymous with health, safety, and a commitment to a cleaner, greener future.