Oxygen Welcomes Dr. Jose M. Galarza, Unveils $20 Million Research Lab Partnership with TechnoVax

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Oxygen Welcomes Dr. Jose M. Galarza, Unveils $20 Million Research Lab Partnership with TechnoVax

Toronto, Canada – Oxygen, a pioneering force in clean air innovation, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Jose M. Galarza to its Board of Advisors. This strategic move not only marks a significant milestone for Oxygen but also opens the doors to a cutting-edge $20 million research and development lab in the United States, focused on tackling viral respiratory pathogens utilizing cutting-edge technology directed against the likes of Covid-19, influenza, RSV and others.

In a groundbreaking collaboration with TechnoVax, a biotechnology company, Oxygen is positioning itself at the forefront of advancements in clean and health tech research to offer creative products that can enhance human health and wellness.

This alliance also instills greater confidence for Oxygen’s customers and partners, assuring them of the efficacy and effectiveness of the products produced at Oxygen.

Dr. Jose M. Galarza, a distinguished figure in the field of virology and vaccine development, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This partnership will allow us to delve deeper into the complexities of airborne pathogens and viral infections, contributing to the development of novel and groundbreaking solutions. Oxygen is well-positioned to pioneer advancements in clean tech, and I’m excited to be part of this journey.”

Chris Shahabi, the founder of Creative Oxygen Labs also stated that, “the collaboration with TechnoVax is not only a testament to Oxygen’s dedication to innovation, but also underscores our proactive approach to addressing global health challenges.”

As part of the ongoing discussions, Oxygen is exploring the possibility of taking an equity position in TechnoVax, Inc.  Details regarding this potential investment will be unveiled in a separate press release, offering stakeholders and the public a comprehensive understanding of the strategic direction this collaboration is poised to take. 

About Oxygen: Oxygen is a trailblazer in clean air innovation, committed to developing groundbreaking solutions for a healthier and safer environment. With a focus on cutting-edge research and development, Oxygen aims to redefine the landscape of clean tech and health tech.

About TechnoVax: TechnoVax is a leading biotechnology company dedicated to advancing research and development in the field of vaccine and immunology. With a focus on innovative solutions to combat viral pathogens through immune protection, TechnoVax brings together a team of experts and state-of-the-art facilities to drive advancements in global health.