Oxygen Pouch

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Oxygen Pouch


Oxygen is a revolutionary paint additive that goes beyond beautifying walls. With its advanced formulation, Oxygen helps purify the air in living spaces by effectively killing airborne bacteria and preventing mold and mildew growth.  By simply adding Oxygen to acrylic paint, you can transform any room into a healthier and fresher environment.

Cleaner air space means:

  • Better breathing
  • Better oxygen circulation in the body
  • Better immune system
  • Better cognitive function and focus
  • Better vital organ performance
  • Better Sleep at night

Oxygen is easy to use and provides long-lasting air purification for up to 6 years.

Simply Add – Mix – Apply on walls and enjoy better air quality.  Give yourself and the ones you care about the peace of mind you all deserve.


General Information about Oxygen:

Oxygen is retailed at US $150 for each 200g pouch.  Each pouch is sufficient for 13 liters or 3.5 gallons of paint and is good for covering approximately 800 sq to 1200 sq ft of wall space (depending on number of coatings applied) and it lasts for up to 6 years with proper care.  We recommend one or two feature or accent walls in any room will provide sufficient air purification, around the clock for up to 6 years.  So it is not necessary to paint all 4 walls in any given room.

Natural compound formulation:

Oxygen is a 5-part inorganic powder-based paint additive with Silver and Zinc Oxide as two of its main components.  Some of these compounds are reduced to micron and nano particle size which allows Oxygen to neutralize aggressive opportunistic air borne bacteria and pathogens from spreading, while at the same time, preventing mold and mildew growth on the wall. For indoor air pollutants, Oxygen also helps reduce airborne VOCs (volatile organic compounds) by converting them into harmless gas and water vapor.  It is also great at reducing unpleasant odor.

Best application:

When mixed with paint and applied on walls, wood or on canvas, Oxygen can turn surfaces into air purifying panels.    It can be mixed with a fresh coat of paint and applied on well prepared walls, or over surfaces with prior paint work.   For wood and canvas a good acrylic primer is needed before applying the Oxygenated coating.

For best use, add, mix and apply oxygen to walls when on site.   When mixing blend for 4 to 5 minutes until fully dispersed in order to achieve smooth and consistent paint texture.   Oxygen works best with mat or semi-gloss acrylic paint and will not damage or alter the basic function of any water-based coating. It can also be mixed with acrylic varnish and glaze.

To start, open pouch and add the right amount to your ideal paint of choice.   Use soft brush and or rollers when applying the coating on walls.  Once package has been opened it can be kept in a cool dry place for up to four years.   Oxygen is suitable for indoor use ONLY.


Oxygenated walls are ideal for homes, offices, clinics, daycare centers, senior care centers, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, airports, museums, under ground subways, and other places where having high quality air is essential.


Oxygen is non-toxic, made of natural inorganic materials that are harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Its PH balance is between 7 to 8 and is non combustible / non flammable.

Refund policy:

Once opened the Oxygen pouch is non refundable.