Our Mission

clean air innovation

At Creative Oxygen Labs we believe
everyone has a right to clean air

On a daily basis, we effortlessly inhale and exhale an astonishing 17,280 to 20,000 times, averaging between 12 to 20 breaths per minute. However, do we truly appreciate the significance of each breath and the quality of the air we breathe?

Regrettably, the World Health Organization (WHO) holds a different perspective. According to their research, poor air quality has become a critical concern, posing severe health risks to individuals worldwide. As an example, Ischaemic heart disease and stroke, are leading causes of premature death among adults that can be directly attributed to the detrimental effects of contaminated air. Furthermore, emerging evidence suggests that air toxicity contributes to additional health issues, including diabetes and neurodegenerative conditions. Astonishingly, the burden of disease associated with air pollution is comparable to other major global health risks, such as unhealthy dietary habits and tobacco smoking.

The impact of poor air quality on children is even more alarming. Each year, an astounding 600,000 children are born prematurely, while millions more battle infections, lung and heart diseases, and even cancer – all directly linked to the detrimental effects of polluted air.

We believe it’s time to recognize the vital importance of clean air which is why we invested in creating Oxygen, a paint additive that can easily and cost effectively turn any surface into an air purifier in homes, offices, schools, clinics, restaurants, gyms, senior care centers and other indoor places that may be at risk.

Our mission is to raise the air quality standard
in any place where people live, work and play

At Creative Oxygen Labs we asked the big question, are we breathing the right kind of air? Air that doesn’t just keep us alive but allows vital organs in our body such as the brain to function at optimal cognitive levels, or blood to carry the right kind of oxygen to our vital organs? The answers we found through our research lead us to formulate a product that can do just that, give us the kind of air that we need to live a healthy lifestyle with every breathe we take.

With our global team of chemists, microbiologists, virologists and environmental scientists we have manufactured a smart additive that when applied to any water-based paint can turn surfaces such as walls and canvas into air purifiers, within minutes.

2020 was an eye opening year

The Coronavirus pandemic that shook the world in 2020 has completely changed our outlook on life by placing a greater priority on health safety. It is for this reason that at Creative Oxygen Labs, we have worked around the clock to find a unique way to protect ourselves against harmful elements that we know are in the air and can strike at anytime.

Oxygen additive has been independently tested and verified in Canada and the United States for having extraordinary antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and is effective against harmful bacteria and microbes that can have a direct impact on our respiratory system.

oxygen clean indoor air

Creative Oxygen Labs is also a proud member of the Green Business Bureau and a holder of the Platinum GREEN SEAL, the leading eco-label in the United States that certifies those operational practices that prove to meet rigorous assessment criteria for human health and environmental impact reduction. When it comes to clean air, Creative Oxygen Labs has been recognized as a standard.