About Us

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At Creative Oxygen Labs we believe that
everyone on planet earth has a right to clean air.

With this strong belief, our team of mixologists in chemistry, microbiology, virology and environmental sciences have manufactured a smart material additive that when applied to any water-based paint can turn wall surfaces into air purifiers within minutes. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Creative Oxygen Labs has manufactured a solution with the lowest environmental impact in the paint industry that allows you to sanitize walls from bacteria and viruses, and eliminate toxic substances from the air we breathe.

2020 was an eye opener

The Coronavirus pandemic that shook the world in 2020 has completely changed our way of life and how we prioritize health and wellness. It is for this reason why at Creative Oxygen Labs we have worked around the clock to find a unique way to protect ourselves against harmful elements that we now know are in the air and ready to strike at anytime.

Our Oxygen coating has been independently tested and verified in Canada of having extraordinary antibacterial property and is effective against harmful bacteria and microbes that have a direct impact on our respiratory system, heart and lungs.

Oxygen coating minimizes the impact of floating microbes & pollutants in the air.

At Creative Oxygen Labs our mission is to help transform homes, offices, schools, hospitals, gyms, and restaurants into healthy environments by minimizing the impact of pollutants in the air in the most easiest and cost effective way.

Creative Oxygen Labs is a proud member of the Green Business Bureau and is a holder of the Platinum GREEN SEAL which is the leading eco-label in the United States that certifies those operational practices that prove to meet rigorous assessment criteria for human health and environmental impact reduction.