Our Mission

clean air innovation

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Where innovation meets a breath of fresh air

At Creative Oxygen Labs our mission is to enhance indoor air quality using a revolutionary powder-based additive with ionic powers.  Our product, Oxygen, is backed by 3000 years of historical data on antibacterial and antimicrobial minerals combined with advancements in modern science developed by some of the top PhD minds in biology, virology, biochemistry, chemistry and immunology in Canada, the United States and around the world. 

At Creative Oxygen Labs we firmly believe that Oxygen should be an integral part of architectural building products including paints and finishes that can help residents feel safe and protected against airborne microscopic invaders, around the clock.

Our commitment

At Creative Oxygen Labs, we are committed to providing solutions that make living spaces not just visually appealing but also healthier to live, work and play in.

By seamlessly blending nanoparticle sized inorganic minerals with building materials such as paints, wallpapers, synthetic marble and ceramic tiles, Oxygen can now transform walls into air purifiers or as we like to call them, external air lungs.   We took on this challenge considering the pressing need for cleaner indoor spaces, at a time when oxygen concentration levels in major cities have gone down from 21% to nearly 12% over the past two decades.   With such a drastic drop in air quality, a host of health problems have emerged, from respiratory issues, to immune system deficiencies, to reduced cognitive function, to poor quality of sleep and other health related issues that stem from contaminated air.

At Creative Oxygen Labs we aim to be at the forefront of the solution with partners that offer products that not only tackle the challenges posed by poor air quality but also contribute to a range of health benefits.

Join the movement

Join us on this journey towards a future where the air you breathe indoors is as refreshing as a stroll in a pristine forest.

Creative Oxygen Labs is a member of the Green Business Bureau and a holder of the Platinum GREEN SEAL, a leading eco-label in the United States that certifies those operational practices that prove to meet rigorous assessment criteria for human health and environmental impact reduction.  Oxygen has also filed its patent pending product with Health Canada as clean innovation product.