Oxygen Additive – Single Sachet


Oxygen Additive – Single Sachet


Oxygen additive (US patent filed) formulation is made of nanoparticle size organic minerals that blends with any water-based acrylic paint.  Once added in its correct ratio and applied on the wall, its antimicrobial, anti bacterial and antipollution properties will begin to minimize the effect of airborne microscopic organisms that can cause harm to our respiratory and immune system, within minutes.

Oxygen additive can break harmful pollutants into pristine air and water vapor.  At the same time, it neutralizes microbes by breaking their molecular structure making them harmless when inhaled.  Oxygen is the most effective technology innovation on the market that aims to become a standard in clean air quality.  Protect the ones you care about by having Oxygen on your walls.

Oxygen is perfect for studios, bachelor suites, apartments, independent care homes, assisted living facilities and extended care homes.


Measurement ratio – Every 100 grams of Oxygen can be mixed with one gallon of paint for optimum effect.  Calculate the number of gallons you need to paint your living/working space and apply the appropriate amount accordingly.

SUPPLY IS LIMITED based on our manufacturing capacity. ACT NOW and pre-order TODAY.

Delivery will be 45 days from every one-ton order that we receive from buyers in Canada and the United States.

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Our additive works with any acrylic water-based paint and with any color. Simply apply the powder pack to a gallon of paint and using a mixer stir consistently for 3 minutes. Then prep the wall and apply using a roller or brush. To maintain color consistency, use the first gallon of paint mixed with oxygen as your benchmark. Then use the color ratio in the same manner.

In 2022 we can ONLY SUPPLY 100,000 sachets for 100,000 gallons of paint which is roughly 50,000 single bedroom apartments (650 sq/feet to 800 sq/feet in size).

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