Month: September 2023

clean air innovation

Tri-Art Mfg. and Creative Oxygen Labs Forge Partnership to Advance Acrylic Paint Industry

Tri-Art Mfg., a premier manufacturer of Acrylic Paint products in Ontario, Canada and Creative Oxygen Labs, the innovators behind the Oxygen acrylic paint additive, have announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to merge Tri-Art Mfg.’s manufacturing expertise with the transformative properties of the Oxygen additive, setting the stage for a new generation of eco-friendly…
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How To Elevate Indoor Air Quality By Eradicating Unseen Intruders in Your Home

Within the confines of our homes, a multitude of invisible threats silently jeopardize our overall health and well-being. Airborne bacteria, viruses, air pollution, mold, and noxious odors are covertly present in various corners, posing potential risks to our quality of life. The below video delves into these indoor contaminants, highlighting the precise locations they lurk…
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