Creative Oxygen Labs Recognized as a Leader in Clean Air Innovation: Nominated for 2024 EARTHSHOT Prize

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Creative Oxygen Labs Recognized as a Leader in Clean Air Innovation: Nominated for 2024 EARTHSHOT Prize

Press Release – Creative Oxygen Labs, a pioneering force in the realm of clean technology, proudly announces its nomination by the Nomination Committee of the EARTHSHOT Prize 2024. The prestigious EARTHSHOT Prize, founded by HRH Prince William, is a global initiative dedicated to honoring and supporting groundbreaking solutions that address pressing environmental challenges. Focused on innovation, the US $1.6 million dollar clean air prize places a special emphasis on the critical role of sustaining our planet’s habitat.

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The EARTHSHOT Prize, in its quest to identify leaders who embody a sense of urgency and optimism in tackling environmental issues, has recognized Creative Oxygen Labs for its outstanding contribution to clean air innovation. The laboratory’s commitment to developing creative solutions that enable walls to breathe clean air has set it apart as a frontrunner in the quest for sustainable and healthy living spaces.

Christopher Shahabi, the founder of Creative Oxygen Labs, expressed his delight upon receiving the nomination, stating, “We are honored and truly grateful that the foundation and its nominating committee recognize the value of Oxygen and our dedication to clean air innovation. We are tirelessly working to bring clean air into every home and workspace, understanding its profound impact on our health and well-being.”

The EARTHSHOT Prize, under the patronage of Prince William, underscores the critical need for immediate action to secure the future of our planet. In a compelling video address, Prince William emphasized the urgency of the situation, declaring that the fate of our Earth hangs in the balance, requiring collective and swift action.

By focusing on the unique concept of turning walls into external air lings capable of breathing clean air, Creative Oxygen Labs has demonstrated a commitment to addressing the fundamental need for improved air quality in our living and working spaces.

The nomination for the EARTHSHOT Prize is a testament to Creative Oxygen Labs’ alignment with the values upheld by the foundation – a sense of urgency in the face of environmental challenges and an unwavering optimism in finding effective solutions. As part of its broader mission, the EARTHSHOT Prize aims to inspire and mobilize leaders and innovators who share this vision, making Creative Oxygen Labs a natural fit for this esteemed recognition.

For Creative Oxygen Labs, the nomination for the EARTHSHOT Prize serves as both recognition of past accomplishments and a call to action for a future where clean air is not just a goal but a reality for every individual and community.

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Christopher Shahabi, founder and Clean Air Advocate